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Commissions were once reserved for the elite; on Easel anyone from Michelangelo to your next door neighboor can discover and connect with artists that are available for commission.
Connect with them directly to create a new piece, pay upfront with piece of mind, and enjoy your one-of-a-kind piece for years to come.

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1. Discover
2. Connect
3. Enjoy
In this community, we always have your back
Commission with confidence on our secure platform
Our team verifies every artist to make sure it is really them
Our California based team is always here to help

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Reach new clients with just one click
Professionally showcase your work for free
Keep 80% of each completed commission
Only offer commissions for the work you want to do
We calculate sales tax so you don't have to
Our price calculator helps you set your own price
We process payments upfront so you are always protected

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Your Thoughts on Easel

"I love the final product I got from Easel! My entire family was so impressed with the quality! It was very easy for me to talk to the artist I found and to get a unique portrait made. I love it!"
"Essentially, in my mind art was for billionaires only. But now I feel like the billionaire. Art that's meaningful and beautiful and to my liking. Thank you Easel for letting me love art more than I already did."
"The commission process is super simple on Easel. They make the communication between the artist and the client very smooth and easy to follow, which is very important for a successful commission."

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Join our community and inspire the artist within.
We built Easel to connect the world through art, staring with commissions. As we grow, exepct to find more ways to connect, and get engaged in your local art community.
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