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Home Solar System Discount - Professional Grid-Tie Systems

We provide home solar systems for homeowners and contractors at a wholesale direct discount.

With over 60 years of combined experience, we have what it takes to help you with electrical schematics, system design and the best support in the solar industry. Count on us to assist you with this service for permits and rebates. This can be difficult to do yourself. That is our job and comes with the system price.

We've done the research for you!
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Quality Components

· We design grid-tie home solar systems using Sharp, Sanyo, Trina, Yingli, Kyocera, Schott, Schuco and other solar panels.
· Roof and ground mounting kits are available by Prosolar, Uni-Rac or Direct Power.
· Inverter choices include Fronius, Sunny Boy, Satcon, PV Powered, Solectria, Enphase, Schneider Electric and Xantrex.

Why Pay a Fortune for Installation?

We cater to (773) 325-4803 and handy homeowners working with an electrician. These complete systems are perfect for the contractor competing for a bid or the homeowner avoiding the exorbitant costs of a solar system company. The engineers on our staff have many years of experience and can design any complete solar system for residential or commercial applications.

The schematics we provide from our experienced staff include all gauges of wire, recommended breakers, disconnects and other necessary components. Our schematics are the best in the industry. Our schematics will be all you need to obtain your installation permit for your area if one is required in most circumstances. Contact us for more information.

641-849-8969We will build a custom home solar system to suit your needs. Systems can be engineered for rebate incentives for California, Colorado, Texas, Alabama, New Jersey and many other state's specifications. We do all of this at a great price for the quality components, paperwork and customer support included.

We pride ourselves on providing the best custom electrical engineering drawings, system design and installation technical support in the industry.

Whether you're a experienced installer, electrical contractor or a self-install homeowner. We will be here to support you every step of the way throughout the design, permitting and installation process.

All Systems Can Be Customized

Different module mount, solar panel, inverter and voltage options are available. Every project is unique and we take every detail into consideration.

State and Federal Incentives

Many states and cities offer significant incentives to encourage installing a home solar power system. Federal tax incentives are also available. All systems we carry follow the strict guidelines set by government agencies for incentive eligibility. Visit www.dsireusa.org to visit the main resource for up-to-date rebate information.

Our solar power systems are specifically designed to meet all rebate incentives offered by the many states that offer them. We provide all of the necessary documentation for inspection. We support residential solar grid-tie systems for homeowners and 970-417-5908.

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About Home Solar Systems

Grid-tie solar systems are the most economical solar systems for any residence connected to utility power. While the sun is shining on the roof of your home, your solar system will generate energy that is fed into the power grid. If you are using less power at any one time than what is being generated with your system, the utility meter will run backwards. Otherwise, it will slow your meter down significantly.

Savings will be seen when you receive your utility bill. The utility companies encourage this due to high demand during the day. This just happens to be when the sun is shining the most on your home. Additional savings will be seen if you are currently exceeding tiered electric rates. Your home solar system can lower your tier which will be reflected on your utility bill.

Buying a wholesale solar system will add even more incentive by bypassing the exorbitant cost involved by having a solar integrator install a home solar system.

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