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    Photos and souvenirs from trips we've taken.


    How we fill our time when we're not on the soccer field or working on hobbies.

    If you have anything to contribute, please send it to us. We will gladly include it!

  • Friends and Family


    Coming soon - collections of old family photos.

  • Home and Hobbies


    Coming soon - slideshow of the kids playing soccer over the years.


    We have horses! Coming soon - pictures of our wonderful beasts.

    Other Hobbies

    We love to do stuff. Coming soon - a few examples of what else we like to do.

  • Trips and Travel

    Russia 2011

    Coming soon - album of our photos from Russia.


    Simon's soccer team went to Costa Rica for spring break and had a blast.

    Other trips

    Coming soon - photos from other trips that we still think were special.

  • Businesses
    Hobby Boards

    Hobby Boards

    Electronic weather monitoring devices and other cool tech toys.

    Kate's Crafts


    Kilnformed glass and other artsy stuff. Website to be revamped - eventually ...

    Four Foot Care

    Four Foot Care

    Coming soon - barefoot hoof trimming and animal massage.