Besides making the plan, my brother carried it out.

Although I received pills at the hospital, I never took them properly.

What else did you tell Straka?

My father went to Hong Kong on business.

My brother died in a traffic accident.

Cristina's car was riddled with bullet holes.

She can sing very well.

She borrowed his hoodie.

Tsez is a Northeast Caucasian language spoken by about 15,000 people in Dagestan.

Your method is different from mine.

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I want you to tell me everything that happened.

It never pays to lose your temper.

Nowadays anybody can get books.

Because he was just like a child, he yielded to temptation.

What's the damage?

Where were you stationed?

I raised hell.

Can you understand French?

Until Manet painted this picture, his female nudes were limited to goddesses.

The children are blowing bubbles.

Is Mr. Johnson in?

Susan always keeps me waiting.

It is a great convenience to live near a station.


He sold some apples at the market.


Dominick won't have to apologize.

I was scared of her.

Brandi doesn't know what Elsa wants.


He would wait for hours for her call.

Baseball is different from cricket.

This piece is in a major key.

We have three dogs, one white and two black.

Her suggestion seems to have been turned down.

I love being called Grandpa.

What did you eat for lunch?

Why did Dickens call this character Master Bates?

Erkin's definitely a good guy, but just has a somewhat weak character.

I don't believe Mickey's story.

Is he still interested?

Do you know how much strawberries cost right now?

Tickets are $30 per person and $13 for designated drivers.

Did Skip do it?

What time do you want me to be here?

Cosby's argument concerns the reliability of the Hette Manuscript.

It's almost clear that in Madrid there's a time zone!

I'm in the city.

I can't put up with such bad conditions any more.


Nothing has been thrown away yet.

Miles is slow to anger.

Best wishes for a happy and prosperous New Year.

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Nicholas walked out of the room without looking back.

She did all she could on my account.

Some ships were arriving from Europe.

This might be over soon.

She is leaving for America tonight.


What's that disgusting smell?

I'm going to get us a drink.

We have a visitor right now. Would you mind waiting for a while?

Roxana is jacking off.

You look pale. What's the matter with you?

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One of you should be helping June.

Salvation from this misery is inconceivable.

I saw a shape in the dark.

Annard wants to become a ballet dancer.

Herb had a battery of tests after suffering a number of dizzy spells.


I shot one.

Where are you from, Karen?

I'm at my wit's end with this difficult problem.

Please send this by sea mail.

Can you quote a line of Hamlet?

We appreciate you coming.

I asked her to sign the papers.

Laws catch flies but let hornets go free.

We aren't where we are supposed to be.


When will you get back to town?

Everyone started to laugh.

The farmer that lived nearby came to investigate.

I've seen one many times.

I assume that it was all they wanted to say.


I have everything under control.

I'll do it some other time.

We can't just let her go.

I guess I always knew there was a chance that Cristi wouldn't come.

I didn't even notice what Edward was wearing.

The wind is howling.

I'd like to buy this computer, but it costs an arm and a leg!

How about staying at my place this evening?

Something outside the window caught Mayo's attention.

May I try it?

This white coat will look very nice on you.

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Shuvra didn't care.

I've never trusted you and I never will.

I don't need more advice.

The pentagram is an important symbol in witchcraft.

No matter how much I rush it, miscellaneous work keeps piling up and I can't catch up with it.

Persian is not a difficult language.

I'm going to travel to Russia tomorrow.

Would you like to stay with us next summer vacation?

I think Naoto and Ofer might actually get married.


The choice is yours.

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We all did well.


Don't cave into their demands.


We need to find out what's wrong with Horst.

Are you sure you don't want me to buy you something at the supermarket?

This English essay is far from perfect.

It's hard not to like her.

She saw an angel there in long white robes, with wings reaching from his shoulders down to the earth.

The woman did not say anything; she just buried her face in her hands and burst into tears.

She cut off the carrot tops.

The little girl put her arm around his neck, and looked into his eye, but she could see nothing.

Caleb cried as he read the letter he got from Gregory.

Yes, I have a good idea.

Malcolm is a little fat.

I'm glad your book was received kindly by the press.

How do you feel about Pat?

He often attributes his failures to bad luck.

Tovah has handed in his resignation.

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Knute watched from his porch.

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Teenagers dressed as clowns and carrying weapons were arrested outside a high school in France.


When did you start wearing contacts?

The committee inquired into the cause of the accident.

I was just reading the newspaper.


You owe me an apology.


Thanks to the license plate number, the police identified the car involved in the accident as Helge's.

The peasant reaps the harvest.

I'm really going to miss Helen.

That will be no longer a problem by this time next week.

Judging from what you say, he must be a great scholar.


Oomoto can be included among the new religions of Japan.

There's something mysterious about her.

Thomas thinks he's the center of the world. He's very egocentric.

Why is it you can write a letter in English this well, but can't speak it?

Where are you taking them?

Idleness is the devil's workshop.

I met Evelyn at church.


I'm thinking of moving in with her.


Dan walked into the room where Linda and Matt were talking.

At this third lie, his nose became longer than ever, so long that he could not even turn around.

I told him what I know.

Do you want to go someplace else?

Who's absent today?


This will erode his credibility if it is made more widely known.

I told the truth.

Elizabeth was tickled pink.

I'm looking forward to the day that we eat breakfast together.

Don't smell it. It might be mutagenic.

A few months later, Israel invaded Egypt.

I'm sick of him!


Who's the oldest person you know?

Today, you have listen to what I'm telling you.

Raanan could've had this job if he'd wanted it.

All is illusion.

Dan graduated second in his class.

James Cameron created a new way to make movies.

I know now what I have to do.

She joined us.

I just need to know Matti is safe.


Even pigs can climb a tree when flattered.


All agree with you.

It is very kind of you to say so.

This restaurant serves dishes made from local organic fruit and vegetables.

He is Japanese to the bone.

I wish that I had never sent this e-mail.

Dan rushed out of his car to see if the raccoon was hurt.

Welcome, ladies and gentlemen!


Can this wait until next week?

Those two things aren't related.

Usage 1. think yourself as the owner of the company mentioned. 2. determine the message about the company is positive, negative or ineffective (neutral) and mark. 3. if you are not sure or the status is uncertain mark neutral.


I don't hear barking.

I don't want to walk. Let's take a cab.

It looks like Spencer likes his new job.