Labtria simplifies the ways you manage and track your lab assets through intuitive designs and user-friendly interface.


Share your assets across the organization with our scheduling calendar with approval and alerts functionality


Share and assign assets to specific group or individual - with check-in and check-out options


Users can open new service request and track servicing history, cost and warranty info in one centralized location

Asset management for the modern lab!

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Mobile Friendly

Now you can track and manage your assets on the go! Labtria is accessible on both mobile and web. A secure and responsive cloud based platform for your organization.

Procurement Database

Manage all your purchases and assets in one location with Labtria! Consolidate purchases, service contracts and warranty in one easy-to-use platform.


Advance Analytics

Provide insightful statistics on your all your purchases and assets. Giving you the tools to improve your workflow and minimize cost. Reports and data analytics made easy!

Smart Labels & Filter

Easily search and tag all your assets. We provide a powerful labeling scheme so you can quickly search for your assets and its associated history. Stop wasting time looking for your assets.

Why work with us

We provide a fully integrate solution that will simplify your lab operations


Integrated Workflow

Labtria seamlessly combines asset tracking with your overall business operations. We provide a centralize, secure cloud-based platform for requesting new service visits, tracking and managing your assets throughout its life cycle - from receiving to servicing to disposal of your assets!


Accessing & Sharing of Existing Resources

By having a clear picture of all your assets, you'll have a better understanding of the equipment's usage and ones that are more prone to failure. This make better buying decisions, reduce servicing costs and eliminate non-valued added assets. Enabling the sharing of resources through Labtria will also reduce spontaneous purchases and increase available laboratory space.


Auditing Ready

Labtria makes auditing time a breeze by keeping tracks on all your assets through tagging/ labeling of assets and assign them to responisble individuals/groups. Using our advance search and reporting system, you will know exact the what, who and whereabout of each asset.


Organize and collaborate in groups

Our platform allows end users to work directly with purchasing agents for ordering of new asset, request servicing and sharing of their resources. Our integrated solutions provide a higher level of communication and transparency across the organization. Encouraging new research and collaborations!

Coming Soon

Beacon Technology

"Active" Tracking of Your Asset

Leveraging recent advances in Bluetooth beacon technology, Labtria allows you to actively track your asset. Know in real-time where your assets are located and when they are being removed from the premises.

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