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“A Constructive platform for Live Mock Tests assisting/benefits/accelerates/contribute to Engineering and Medical entrances aspirants”.


Student Challenge

  •   Usually competitive exams conducted for professional courses will be of high standards.
  •   Competitive exams are largely based on application of knowledge that student learn from many sources, theory can be tested very few times directly.
  •   Fear of accuracy & negative marks
  •   Make All India Live Test a routine task in your regular preparation. Keep yourself stress free to reach your dream college
  •   Competitive exams need a great practice, specially in managing time &keeping accurate answers.
  •   Learn to apply whatever you learn.

Skyget's well structured features

Plenty of different types of tests that meet your preparation style.

  • Full-Syllabus Mocks
  • Mock Tests
  • Subject-wise Tests

Individual Analytics

Skyget took the responsibility of analyzing your test performance deeply to help you in the self-analysis.This lets you know your best and to be improved areas.

Comparative Analytics

The Comparative analytics also will be shown to make you understand where & how you stood up among all aspirants.

Make facing competition as your inherent ability. Fill yourself with high confidence levels.

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